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Since our last Council meeting in March, I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a part of a church community – a congregation. I’m not talking about membership, necessarily, but that certainly has some bearing on what I’m thinking. It’s more about feeling a part of a group. In larger organizations (more than 30), it’s important to have small groups or clusters where people feel they belong. Like the song in Cheers, to be part of a place where everyone knows your name.

There is no recipe for belonging. Sometimes it is doing things together, like a work project (digging out the basement) or fundraising (selling brats on the hottest day of the year) or participating in a group effort like the choir, or teaching Sunday school, or taking a class. I’ve known people who haven’t set foot in the church door for years, and never actually joined, but consider themselves members of that church. They once were touched there, and the church left its mark.

When we take a step back and look at the dynamics in a congregation (or any long lasting group), we begin to see the “water marks” of the group’s history. Here’s the line where the church took its historic vote to remain open, and those who were there are connected with invisible threads. Here’s the line where they dug out the basement, and another group who was there are bound by shared experience. There’s the group that started the brat booth, and those who were here when the second service was started.

Groups, like a congregation, can begin to shrink as the members of these invisibly bound groups begin to move on or pass away. The memory isn’t shared with so many, even when it is told and retold. The eye witnesses are fewer and fewer. Eventually the newer people begin to wonder when they will have a story to tell, a story that will tell them “you belong here.” A wise group will begin new things for new people so that the invisible web of belonging will continue to bind them together.

As we’ve been reminiscing about our past as a congregation, which is healthy and interesting and helps us to re-member where we came from, it is also important to put our energy into creating our future. Our context is always unique to its time and requires us to be clear-eyed as we consider what is possible and what is wishful thinking. With the leadership we have in place, and with those who are willing to work in teams to re-shape some of our work areas, I believe we will begin to make our 2018 version of “remember when”. We will all be part of something new.
Mens Club
Ladies Breakfast
Walk n Talk

We walk at the Fairgrounds Tuesday and Friday mornings at 8:30a.m. Come on out and join us. It’s a great way to start the day!


  Free Friday Dinners
Join us for a free dinner offered from 5:30 - 6:30 pm on the last Friday of the month. Grass Valley United Methodist Church, 236 S. Church St., Grass Valley.
Hot Food
Free 2nd & 4th Mon. Dinners

A free, hot and nourishing dinner will be
served on the second and fourth Monday
evenings from 5-6 pm at St. Patrick’s
Catholic Church, 235 Chapel Street in Grass Valley.
Click to
A global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully.

The Living Prayer Center
Upper Room’s live, 24/7 prayer ministry.
The United Methodist Committee on Relief, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the globe. UMCOR’s work reaches people in more than 80 countries, including the United States.
An agency of The United Methodist Church, GBOD (The General Board of Discipleship) helps local church, district, and conference leaders fulfill the shared dream of making world changing disciples.
A website dedicated to grateful living.
Christian news in the 21st century.
“The intersection of faith and life.”
We encourage youth to check out The Upper Room’s Devo Zine, where you can find articles about spiritually active teens all around the world, connect with their social media outlets, post and respond to a live prayer wall, and even contribute articles and devotionals of your own.

General Board of Church and Society

General Board of Global Ministries

Methodist Federation for Social Action
            Our Local Church Staff

Pastor…………………………………..Kristin Sachen
Administrative Assistant......Peggy Hernandez
Lay Leader…………………………...Mark Michalski
Choir Director ………………………Eleanor Kenitzer
Praise Band Director…………...David Lynn
Wedding Hostess…………………Barbara Dean
Treasurer & Membership
    Secretary………………………….Kay Zuelsdorf
Financial Secretary……………….DeeAnn Bellows
Nursery Attendant……………...Jamie Beer
             And many wonderful volunteers!

             Our Connectional Staff

Great Northern District
Superintendent………………………David L. Samelson
CA-NV Bishop…………………………Minerva Carcano
Help Wanted
Our Emergency Food Closet needs your help! It is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 noon until 2:00 pm. If you would like more details or would like to sign up for a shift, please contact Harry Spence.

HOSPITALITY HOUSE: Help is needed with our dinner every first Saturday...we need shoppers (you are reimbursed), cooks (recipes, and experienced chefs are there), and servers (5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, with others who know the ropes). Sign up in Fellowship Hall. You will be called with the pertinent details. Please contact Barbara Dean with any questions.

HABITAT LUNCH FOR CONSTRUCTION WORKERS: We serve lunch (for the folks who are building Habitat houses) every third Saturday. We need cookies and sandwiches. You can choose what and how much you will contribute. Sign up on the “sign up board” in Fellowship Hall. Please contact Barbara Dean with any questions.

Chicken Table
Community Chicken Lunch
  Chicken          Lunch
Our next chicken lunch will be Wednesday, April 11th at 12 noon in Fellowship Hall. The price is now $8. It remains the best deal in town! See you there!

WANTED: LITURGISTS, COMMUNION SERVERS, AND GREETERS: We are in need of more people to participate in the worship ministry of our church. Please contact Peggy in the church office if you would like more information or would like to participate in any of these ministries.

               Next Taize Service
               Wednesday April 4th at 6:30pm
A Taize service is a contemplative type service which includes prayer and short repetitive refrains. It comes from Taizé which is an ecumenical community in the eastern part of France. Begun in 1940 as shelter for refugees fleeing WWII, it is now made up of over a hundred brothers, both Catholics and Protestants from various backgrounds, coming from around thirty nations. The community is a representation of reconciliation between divided Christians and between separated peoples. The Taizé community has developed a tradition of prayer including the short repetitive refrains and silent meditation that are part of the service. All are invited to attend.

Taize services are also being held in the sanctuary at Peace Lutheran Church in Grass Valley the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.
April Calendar
Note that we now have ONE worship service at 10:00 a.m.



Our next meeting is on Tuesday, May 1st starting at 10am in Fellowship Hall. We were so pleased to have three new crafters join us in February and would love to see three more in March. We will be sharing ideas for Summer Craft Fair Corners as well as the big Craft Faire starting the day after Thanksgiving.
Craft Meeting


Our church has a group of spritely folk who donate part of their Wednesday mornings to keeping our church building sparkling for Sunday worshipers, midweek activities, and guests. It is an amiable bunch of folk, but mostly all are retired and many in the upper end of that age group! Younger muscles and energy would boost their powers of sustainability! Granted, younger members of our congregation tend to be working full time and do not have Wednesday morning cleaning time, but an hour here and there — whenever available — could make the difference. If you have such an hour and would be willing to donate it to a task of cleaning, please contact Carl Godfrey. You will sprout wings and a halo immediately.

Life After Thursday

What will the weather bring this month?? February we had rain and a small fun group. March we had snow and a gathering of 3! April weather? Anyway, once again in April we will meet at the home of Bob and Kay. In May we will be at Barbara & George’s and June at Elaine & Jim’s. Do bring your calendar as we are looking for host homes for July, August and December. Please bring a potluck dish to share for the gathering time or the meal, your table service and a cold beverage of choice. Come join us at the Z’s. Church Office phone is 265-2797 if you need directions. We’ll see you on
the 6th at 6pm.

Vacation Bible School! Already?? Yep! We’re joining again with Grass Valley UMC, Emmanuel Episcopal, Peace Lutheran, and others to provide a wonderful VBS for our community. SAVE THE DATES: July 16 – 19. The theme will be “Splash Canyon”, dealing with all the ways God works through water to touch our lives. WANT TO HELP? Let Eleanor Kenitzer know!

Bible School

Did You Know…..

That the United Methodist website has several articles about grace and John Wesley’s thoughts about grace. They pro-vide a lot of information and a lot to think about. They can be found by going to On the main page, you will find 4 small pictures in the lower right hand corner of the main picture.

Click on the 4th one and immediately to the left it says “God at Work Before We Know It: Prevenient Grace.” Click on “Learn More” and you will be directed to several articles and videos about grace. A favorite is “Chuck Knows Church.” He is not only entertaining but shares his knowledge on grace.

Our California-Nevada Annual Conference offers various volunteer opportunities. If you are interested, go to the conference website at Click on the red “Volunteer Opportunities” box in the middle left portion of the page and check out the various opportunities.

NCUMC’s annual Spring Run the last Saturday in April has been held every year since 1986 and it is the oldest foot race in Nevada County. It is now part of the Gold Country Grand Prix series of races and Pearce Boyer is one of the founders of the Gold Country Grand Prix. More information, including ways you can participate, can be found in this month’s Tidings


Silent Retreat This year’s silent Retreat at Mercy Center in Auburn is scheduled for April 20, 21 and 22. As in the past, this retreat will be unprogrammed. Participants will use their time in silence, as they wish, to meditate, read, write. All of Mercy Center’s facilities are available for use: gardens, chapel, labyrinth and sitting room. Aesthetic healthful meals are served in the dining room. The cost for two nights, and 5 meals is $185. Each participant will have a private room, with bed, desk, wardrobe, and comfortable chair. Massage is available if desired.

This retreat provides a welcome change from news media, job pressures, daily routines, and the internet (though wifi is avail-able should one choose). A quote from Ann O’Shaughnessy, co-editor of “Heron Dance” states it well: “How can I stay completely present to this world—the light and the dark—while still keeping an open loving heart? Whoever promised me the world would be perfect…I need to set a different course by reminding myself that humankind has always been flawed…and Love and light continue to exist anyway. The news should simply inspire me to be extra loving and tender…Today I resolve to balance every dose of darkness I receive with an equal, if not greater, dose of light…I resolve to check the balance daily and provide myself with the silence and solitude I need to maintain it. I truly believe it does matter what energy we put out into the world.”

If you wish to register, or get further information, contact the church office.
Spring Run
Butterflys Rainbow
Game Night
for a mere $1 per person. After dinner, you are invited to play a variety of board games.
    There’s always lots of fun for everyone!!

  Chicken Lunch

Our next chicken lunch will be Wednesday, April 11th at 12 noon in Fellowship Hall. Please note that the price of chicken lunch is now $8. It remains the best deal in town! See you there.
Chicken Lunch
Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at NCUMC

Nevada City UMC has a new Youth Ministry Team that includes Christine Newsom, Barbara Dean, Mark Michalski, Gabe Delgado, Rev. Kris Sachen, and Sharon Delgado. Our initial goal is: To vitalize and grow our youth group by providing adult support, offering a good program that includes spiritual and social opportunities, and encouraging the kids to bring their friends. We are making plans for upcoming programs for the youth of our church. For more information, call Sharon at 265- 5976.

Coming May 11-12: Bishop’s Confirmation Retreat at Lake Tahoe. Those who have been through last year’s Confirmation Class but have not yet been confirmed are invited. Families will pay $20 per youth, while the church will subsidize $15 per youth. Full scholarships are available.

Family Fun Night

Our next Family Fun Night will be Sunday, April 29th at 5:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Turkey tacos (with all the fixins’) followed by a yummy dessert are on the menu


Click for Spring Run Restrigation Information
GV Choir