Church Mo Snow
            Our Local Church Staff

Pastor…………………………….……. Gail Chiew
Administrative Assistant......Kim East
Lay Leader…………………………...Mark Michalski
Choir Director ………………………Eleanor Kenitzer
Praise Band Director…………...David Lynn
Wedding Hostess…………………Mary Ann Boyer
Treasurer & Membership
Secretary………………………....….Kay Zuelsdorf
Financial Secretary……………….DeeAnn Bellows
      And many wonderful volunteers!

             Our Connectional Staff

Great Northern District
Superintendent………………………Blake Busick
CA-NV Bishop…………………………Minerva Carcano
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A global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual formation of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully.

The Living Prayer Center
Upper Room’s live, 24/7 prayer ministry.
The United Methodist Committee on Relief, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering around the globe. UMCOR’s work reaches people in more than 80 countries, including the United States.
An agency of The United Methodist Church, GBOD (The General Board of Discipleship) helps local church, district, and conference leaders fulfill the shared dream of making world changing disciples.
A website dedicated to grateful living.
Christian news in the 21st century.
“The intersection of faith and life.”
We encourage youth to check out The Upper Room’s Devo Zine, where you can find articles about spiritually active teens all around the world, connect with their social media outlets, post and respond to a live prayer wall, and even contribute articles and devotionals of your own.

General Board of Church and Society

General Board of Global Ministries

Methodist Federation for Social Action
California-Nevada Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

We are Streaming
          our Church Service Every Sunday at 10am on this Website!
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With Congregatoin

We are back!  Please come join us at the Nevada City United Methodist Church as we now are having a live Worship Service each Sunday at 10am. The Service is Live Streamed at 10am on Sunday as it occurs. Thus, it appears on our website at live while it happens. A video of the Service is also made available for viewing on our website.

This began Sunday July 4th at 10am with our new Pastor Gail Chiew. You are always most welcome to join us in church at 433 Broad Street! The Services will continue to be Live Streamed on our website as they happen at 10am Sunday so those not able to attend in person may view the Service on-line on their computers just as been done in the past. As noted above, videos of the Services are available for viewing on our website at any time you choose.

Like you, we have been most anxious for this to happen and welcome this return to normalcy!


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From The Tidings
At some time during our lives, we most likely experience a loss of a family member or friend, sickness or some other tragedy. Having prayers lifted up for that person would be welcome. Our church has such a ministry. Our Prayer Chain Ministry is comprised of folks in our church who, when notified by email, will hold that person in prayer. If you would like to join this ministry or if you or someone you know is in need of prayers, please contact and you will be put on our prayer request list or added to our prayer chain ministry.

Solar News

August 1, 2018 38 solar panels were installed on the church roof and the cost was $41,850. Funds were raised and after the down payment we took out a loan for $21,996. Your continued generous gifts for this project have enabled us to PAY OFF the loan on May 14, 2021 and saved thousands of dollars in interest. Our annual electric bills prior to solar averaged $4000 to $4500. Now about $450.

Hear our Prayer
Solar Panels

Report on Interfaith Food Ministry

by Eleanor Kenitzer

Our Partnership with Interfaith Food Ministry is a blessing to the community as well as to all of us! During the Pandemic, our church has stepped into make sure that all in Nevada County are fed—and you’ve done that with incredible generosity! Thank you!

IFM is serving more than 11,000 clients who are food insecure, giving out more food per visit. Partnership with local groups like Sierra Harvest and local farmers means fresh fruit and vegetables are available, while also helping to keep our money in Nevada County.

Sustainability is so important for non-profit organizations and the Board of Directors of IFM work diligently to make sure that there is money in the operating reserves account as well as the facility reserves account.

The March Matching campaign was such a success, thanks to many of you! A total amount of $226,122.20 was collected—and that is 1/3 of the total budget for the year!

None of this would be possible with-out the generosity of this community—and this church does a wonderful job of helping to feed our community. Thank you!

IFM Basket

           Choir Rehearsals

Hooray! We get to make a joyful noise again! We will start rehearsals the first Thurs-day in September—September 2, 2021. I’ll get more information out about masks and physical distancing as the time gets closer. But, our singing souls long to make music with other singers after such a “dry season”!

Interested in joining? We’d love to have you and you know, of course, that the choir is the funnest group! (we also make beautiful music for the Lord!)
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Family Fun Night

If you've been missing our monthly taco and salad bar, followed by fellowship and games, well...... cry no more! We will resume the last Sunday of August, August 29, at 5 PM, in the church Fellowship Hall. After the 16 month hiatus, I'll try to remember how to cook! — Eleanor Kenitzer