Problems Viewing our Services?

If you see an old version of the expected item:
Refresh your Browser or try a different Browser. It is likely the old file is stuck in the Browsers cache and you are seeing it. Press F5 on a PC or, on any computer, there is usually a small circle with an arrowhead on the top bar. This is the Refresh button.

If your internet service is somewhat slow, and you are having difficulty watching our Church Services you may see the Service stop momentarily, stutter, or simply freeze to a stop. This is usually due to the internet service being unable to keep up with the incoming video data.

The first thing to try is choosing a Resolution which takes less internet bandwidth.
- In Watch Videos click on the Video you wish to watch
- At the bottom of the Video you will see the Start Arrow at left
- At right are 3 small icons
- Click the center icon, the 6 pointed star with a hole in the center
- You now have a choice of resolutions. Choose 360p, or even 240p
- See if the reduced internet requirement now allows steady viewing of the NCUMC Video

Another possible solution is to download the video file to your computer and then view it. In doing this the transfer to your computer can be slower - perhaps taking two or three hours - but the file is usually complete and usable. By double clicking the file after it has been received it will open for viewing.

Here is the procedure to do the download. It may look complex with many steps, but once done it will actually feel much simpler than it may appear to be.

To download a NCUMC Service:

- On this website (
- Click Watch Videos and select the Service of your choice
- At Upper right of this video click the Share icon (the paper airplane symbol)
- At the bottom of the center material will appear a Link URL
- Click this Link
- The video will open in “Vimeo”, our cloud server
- Below the video picture you will see Download
- Click this and the Download screen will appear
- You'll see a list of download options.  On the bottom line that says "Original", click Download
- Save the file

Looks like a lot of steps, but they soon feel natural!

If you have questions please email me at:

Bob Zuelsdorf, Video Ministries Team